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Union Monthly Meeting

SIASU Cabin Crew Division and Cabin Crew Management

conduct a series of 3 days meeting every last week of the month.

During these meetings, issues pertaining to Cabin Crew such as

Discipline, Welfare, Service procedures, Service training, Annual

leave/ Roster planning, etc will be discussed between the two


Respective SIASU Cabin Crew In-Charge (ICs’) with their

departmental representatives and Cabin Crew Head of

Department’s with their team hold meetings on the first two

days. Any issues not resolved within the first two days, will be

raised on the third day of meeting.

The third day meeting will be held between SIASU President,

SIASU Cabin Crew Chairmans’ / Vice-Chairmans’ and all the

departmental ICs’ with Cabin Crew Senior Management Senior

Vice President (SVP) Tan Pee Teck, Vice President (VP) Eileen Hia,

Carol Ong, and all the Head of Departments.

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