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To work as a unit to serve our members needs and aspirations. We will support, advocate for, and seek to empower each other to create a fairer workplace.

To strive to achieve economic development, social cohesion and justice by upholding the values of solidarity, fairness and equality.

To listen, provide information, encouragement and strategize with members through our lines of communication. Advocate with and on behalf of our members regardless who are being treated unfairly: to correct problems, improve working conditions and set standards of employer behaviour.


To relentlessly strive to work together with management to develop a competitive workforce and a great workplace, for a cohesive society and a secure economic future for our members.

To respect tripartism which is a key competitive advantage for Singapore, underpinning its economic competitiveness, harmonious labour-management relations and overall progress for our members.


Integrity: To serve our members with honesty and strong moral principles; moral uprightness.To do the right thing at all times and in all circumstances.


Commitment: To consistently do our best as a union representative and professional ambassador of our Mission, Vision and Values. To consistently perform at the highest level, putting members above all else. And importantly, continuously improve to serve our members and taking on challenges and opportunities.



Membership: To strive to increase membership with a goal of building a strong labour movement in line with NTUC.


Work relations: To create a harmonious labour management relationship through communication, mutual respect and trust.


Leadership: To continually commit to groom new talents and young leaders to serve all members with commitment and integrity through constant upgrading of knowledge and skills.


Finance: To manage union’s funds prudently and wisely through careful budget controls and investments.


Welfare: To provide a high level of commitment and service to tackle issues such as job re-creation, raising the effective retirement age, skills training and upgrading of the workforce, and promotion of fair employment practices.

To work closely with NTUC to improve lives and workplace of all members.




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