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The simple yet vibrant SIASU Logo comprises of 4 key elements.


1.   The Circle - Almost completely circumscribes the logo and manifests the unity among personnel. The birth - a graphic symbol of an aircraft- breaks free and soars away in aviation freedom. The use of Singapore Airlines' characteristic colours of blue and yellow specialy signifies the union's symbiotic relationship with the SIA group companies.


2.    Intersecting the "aircraft" is the truncated triangle that denotes interaction with other airlines through the provision of ground handling, maintenance and other services.


3.     The stripes within the triangle indicate the numerical strength of the clientele.


4.     Below the acronym SIASU is a pentagram of white lines that symbolise the synergy of a wide cross-section of the objectives of the union and the interdependance of members, Union, Company and Community. They are as follows:


  • Ensure collective representation.

  • Regulate and promote good industrial relations.

  • Improve working conditions of members and and enhance their economic and social status.

  • Enhance productivity for the benefit of members, the company and the economy of Singapore.

  • Foster in all members, a sense of involvement and identity with their fellow employees, their Union, their employer and their community.

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