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Business Technology

• Introducing & managing innovative and effective IT Systems for Cabin Crew Division

• Development and maintenance of CrewApp, Crew Access, and Airwatch MDM

• Communicates between Cabin crew and IT Managment 

Cabin Crew Finance

• Managing the payroll of Cabin Crew Division (LMA,IFA, Turnaround etc)
• Ensuring accurate and timely payment
• Deals with accounting and auditing matters

Control Center

• Flight manning and roster changes after publication by ICOP
• Ensures all flights are manned with the correct crew complement & regulatory rules
• Manages change of flight & approval of urgent leave
• Ensures discipline due to operational lapses, MC incidents and discourages negative behavior
• Manages the operation and assignment of briefing rooms
• Coordinates crew transport


Crew Performance & Talent Management 

• Crew Performance:
   o Engage, motivate, and looks into the overall performance and well-being of the crew.
   o Cares for the crew on long term medical leave and makes hospital visits and bereavement visits.
   o Testimonials, baggage tags, and crew exit clearance
   o Assignment crew, uniform and crew hotel matters
• Discipline
   o Investigate and issue disciplinary measures for crew involving operational lapses and violation of company’s                  regulations.
• Talent Management
   o Manages Contract Renewal, Employment Extension, Performance Improvement Programme, and Waiver of                   Exclusive Services
• Motivational Programme
   o SOAR As One Service theme o In the area of activities, the Unit manages recognition, reward schemes, Crew-of-          the Quarter (COTQ), Cabin Crew Month, Soar Awards Ceremony and Long Service Awards.


Service Development/ Inflight Sales

• Setting service standards and to maintain a brand of cabin crew service service that exemplifies SIA’s reputation for     excellence in inflight service

• The functions of the department include formulating and developing service procedures onboard
• Involved in Aircraft Galley and Cabin Planning
• Collaborates with SIA Engineering to ensure that the maintenance of existing aircraft equipment is facilitated             effectively
• Inflight Sales is a part of Service Development with procures popular items all over the world to be sold for                 KrisShop up in the air


Cabin Crew Standards, Talent Acquisition & Development

• Maintaining a consistent and high level of Cabin Crew Service

• Measuring key performance indicators, analyzing passenger feedback & measuring end to end service DNA of           crew, including recruitment, training, appraisal and promotion.
• Review and compile VoC, Airs@t, Complaints and Compliments
• Refining recruitment strategies to ensure quality hires of new Cabin Crew
• Refining and implementing training initiatives
• Ensure that overall Crew development, including promotion & management of crew’s appraisal system

Cabin Crew Learning & Development

• Aligning new and operating crew to SIA’s objectives through training
• Equipping crew with job knowledge and skills for onboard duties
• Nurture mindsets, attitude and behaviours focused on providing service, safety and security and excellence to     our passengers

Safety, Security,Quality & Health

• Aircraft Safety Aspects • Releasing of CSI/SB in a timely manner
• Ensures safe working environment for Cabin Crew
• Communicates with Flight Ops Safety Training to ensure up to date SEP matters

Integrated Crew Operations & Planning

• Planning of Cabin Crew manpower requirements
• Crew Operating Patterns (COP)
• Crew Rostering
• Crew Annual leave, Matrimonial Leave, Childcare Leave, National Service Requirements
• Crew Productivity
• Ensures fair distribution of flights and variable allowances.

Human Resources Shared Services

• Hiring of new employees

• Uniform requisitions
• Hotel surveys
• Crew Recommendation
• Baggage claims
• Endorsing our Medical Practitioner (FHG)

Kris Shop

Settling of sales errors
Dispute in cart items
Review on products to be rolled out and promotions

• Inflight Sales procedure

 Women Committee 

 • To protect Women interest in the company

 • Organise tea party for women committee 


Narrow Body Representative 

  • To facilitate a smooth transition for MI crew to SQ

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