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Crew Engagement Session

As the bridge between SQ Management and Cabin Crew, SIASU is constantly engaging decision-makers on procedures and guidelines to ensure welfare for our Cabin Crew, whilst maintaining standards set for our World Class Airlines. Aside from holding monthly Union-Management Meetings, SIASU reaches out to our Cabin Crew population for front liner's sentiments, opinions, and feedback on current operating procedures. 

As part of our continued engagement with our Cabin Crew family, SIASU aims to hold a Meet the Members (MTM) Session every half-yearly at the SIA Training Center Auditorium. 

These live sessions are an avenue for SIASU to give current updates to our members, such as Memorandum of Agreements, Contract Agreements, Departmental updates, and many more. It is also a platform for our members to voice their concerns, opinions, feedbacks, and suggestions on areas of improvement, to engage with management. 

During COVID19, as we are unable to meet face to face, we organized and held our first session on August 2020 on WebEx Events. It was largely successful with over 3000 crew members engaged over 2 days. The feedback given was very positive and well received. A second virtual session was held in December 2020 and about 2300 crew were engaged as well. 

SIASU will continue to hold virtual CES as the outreach is wider, and the mode of access is convenient for our Cabin Crew family. Stay tuned to this page for the latest updates on the next date for CES, as well as to register your interest below.

Summary for Dec 2020 Virtual meet the members 

President Opening



                President Video

Chairman Opening



                Chairman Video

DY Chairman Opening



               Dy Chairman Video

Commonly Ask Question for Dec 2020 Virtual meet the members 

  • Are we going to have second retrenchment on end of next financial year? And rumor says that that will be base on performance on all ranks. Is this true? (30)

    • Retrenchment would not happen till FY 2022

  • I understand that it is unlikely to have any promotion for the next few years. When a promotion exercise is feasible, will this “covid years” be taken into consideration as years of eligibility? (5)

    • Yes, do note the current VNPL (special scheme) which ends June 2021, only affects AALV.

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