President's Message

On the 30th March, Mr Chan Chun Sing (Secretary General of NTUC) visited cabin crew control centre and Singapore Airlines training centre at the invitation of SIASU President Mr Alan Tan.


Mr Chan had a first hand experience of what it is like during a typical cabin crew pre-flight briefing. He arrived at cabin crew control centre, Changi airport T3 as early as 7am and sat through the whole briefing and he also made a few enquires. He then proceeded to Singapore Airlines training centre in Upper Changi road and toured the facility. He visited the aircraft mock ups, wine room and many other training facilities.


The tour ended with a dialogue which lasted for over 2 hours with cabin crew union leaders. CEO Mr Goh Choon Pong, EVPHR Mr Ng Chin Hwee and many other senior management were also present at the dialogue.


The following questions (selective) were raised:

  • The need to review the procedure of having a cabin crew going into cockpit whenever a pilot leaves for toilet breaks.

  • Allowing upgrade from EYCL to PEY for Cabin crew traveling as a passenger whilst on duty.

  • Review contract extension for contract crew from 2 + 1 years to a full 5 years.

  • Offering contract crew a ground job after completion of their contract.

  • Allow cabin crew travelling on sub load ticket to pay the fare difference for an upgrade whenever EYCL is fully booked.


(08 May 2016)

Alan Tan

SIASU President

SIASU (Cabin Crew) Chairman