• We have initiated the attendance signing to be done in classroom instead of the common area which is always congested.

  • Popular SDL courses will now balloted to ensure fairness.

  • Crew retiring will now be given the option to be rostered for LPM courses so that they will qualify for the $1000 grant and Diploma. Crew will be rostered 3 modules a year thus completing LPM in 2 years.


Service development

  • No after take-off drinks and table linens (JCL) for all S.E. Asian flights.

  • 50% of crew meals to be set aside for crew before pax.

  • We have removed Satay on SQ878. Satay will be places on SS tray now and no more using of gratin dish.

  • No bar order drinks taking after take-off for PEY.

  • Assorted biscuits will be reinstated in all classes and snacks reinstated for A380 snack counter.


Control centre

  • We have increased COF quota to 30 a year.

  • We have revamped our crew top-up flights and priority.

  • Crew operating SIN-MLE and DH back or vice versa will now receive 2.5 X IFA and an extra off day.

  • Crew reporting for flight in Control and face delay of 2 or more hours will be given meal at any food outlet in T3 up to $15 each. (Approval from Control Centre and claimable by submitting receipt to Control Centre).

  • Day off (Sat & Sun) for US VISA renewal if passport submitted on Mon, Tue or Wed. Crew to take AALV on Sun if passport submission is on Thu, Fri, (Sat OFF day). Submission on Public Holidays in SIN or USA will also be required to take AALV on that day.

  • Medical consultation at RMG T3. (See Control Centre first).



  • Top 10 % crew in each financial year are rewarded with inflight sales vouchers and off days instead of choosing flights which affect other crew.



  • Female no longer need to have an extra pair of covered shoes.

  • Preparations for arrival for all aircraft type is now at 15,000 ft. This gives crew more pre landing time.

  • No longer required to do 1 to 1 exchange of SEP certification card.

  • Average daily IFA paid as a result from work related accident that results in 01 or more days MC.



  • We made changes to COP patterns to allow crew longer layover.

  • Eliminated 3days positioning to IST – crew to position up a day earlier, gain additional day layover.

  • Eliminated 3Days COP extend stay to additional one day, crew need to only operate shuttle. Extending COP in MXP to 4days entitles crew to additional day off in SIN.

  • HKG night-stop layover extended.



  • Working closely with HR to identify FHG clinics that are not adhering to T&C.

  • We managed to claw back unpaid medical claims to crew. (99% paid).

  • Working with crew services to resolve uniform defects and changes.

  • We secured several new hotels based on safety and security of crew with welfare in mind. We moved back to millennium PVG in view of safety and security issues.

  • Crew can consult doctor at RMG airport before and after duty. (See Control Centre first).


(Updated on 17 May 2017)